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[08 Jan 2004|08:51pm]
Today was so fun. me and nick were at stirling forest snowboarding. i did my first trick. i got realy high in the air and did an indie. it was so fun. i am gunna go back and do it agian
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:/ [03 Jan 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

To day I went to the mall and i found out that i cant get USB cables for my camera as of TODAY! And i have to get this "fast" firewire thing. I would just like to get my camera shit on my computer and it doesnt have to cost so much money! 40 for the wire 40 for the fire wire port. This is realy getting outragous.

After that i went to Alex's with Dale and Brian, then R.J. came. We made some fottage for the movie. We are in desprate hope for some guests. After 3 days of shooting we have 5-10 Mintues of GOOD footage. We will have some extra footage / deleted scenes for the DVD, so when it comes out i would recomend the DVD.

My computer is getting wicked slow. I have tons of space just too many files. I am going to delete some shit then defrag it.


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... [03 Jan 2004|12:13pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Are digital camcorder accessorys supost to be EXTREAMLY expensive?

Camera Mountable Light $39.99
Camera 6' USB cable $45.95


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I'm back [03 Jan 2004|03:42am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey guys. After a long time i am back on my lj with this new lay out.. Well lets get to the catch. shall we?

As you all know Alex, Dale, Brian, Rj, and I are doing a movie called Moving Day! We have been filming for about 3 - 5 days and were pretty much getting boring. We need you guys to help us because does the camera wanna look at dale and ask him questions the whole movie? Of course not! We are having fun making this, what we have so far is going well when we edit it.. Theres a few suprises :-).. Well like i said WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Today was pretty fun. I woke up played some games then i went to Alex's for some editing and some footage. We got about 5 minutes worth of good footage, but we made a whole intro to the movie. Its pretty damn cool :-).. Also Brian And Dale came and we got dominos and it was pretty good. I think im gunna go back to get some kickers with super hot sause. Alex gave me a copy of his editing program so im making little movies. I made a Snowboarding movie of the Womens 2003 Us OPEN 3rd round. It looks pretty cook and its about 5 - 7 MB for 3 minutes so its like a GOOD QUALITY small music video. I played some River City Rebels in the background.

Well its nearly 4 AM so i'll be getting to sleep.


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[07 Dec 2003|01:05pm]

I will up date this with some pics of Troubled Youth, DGW, and Catch 22

Days of the move [09 Nov 2003|12:20am]
Original Moving Day

Moving Day 1
Moving Day 2
Moving Day 3
Moving Day 4

Chinese Moving Day
Moving Day 1
Moving Day 2 (Redneck Style)* (updated 11-9)

Please leave comments about what you think of Moving Day yes you can discuss your favorite memorys and you can give suggestions for upcoming events. Please post!!!

*- Brian and I had to. Sorry Alex haha.
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[06 Nov 2003|10:22pm]
90 notebook check MOthefaka
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[06 Nov 2003|09:32pm]

Who is this? You can compare and contrast in comments. Please everyone take a guess!!

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[05 Nov 2003|03:43pm]
Being the scalper that i am.....
i managed to recive a AWSOME ITEM

i got alex metz blue's brother harmonica!!
yes the acual one alex metz wore to the olives halloween show!

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[04 Nov 2003|10:58am]

dam!! i remember when they were:
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[04 Nov 2003|10:53am]
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[04 Nov 2003|09:36am]
who is this?

Vote in comments.
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[03 Nov 2003|11:03pm]

[03 Nov 2003|11:01pm]
man i shouldnt have stayed up so late i gotta sleep! :/

[03 Nov 2003|11:01pm]
dam mad good radio show

[03 Nov 2003|07:54pm]

how hot is that new contraption i figured out.
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[02 Nov 2003|10:49am]
i have to go to my cusins christining today. call me 5489830

[01 Nov 2003|11:35pm]
liquid lounge is a cool place. i like olives better because there is re entry. but i like liquid lounge better cause they got game cubes!

moving day is fun as ussal

[01 Nov 2003|11:18pm]
MOVING DA Y 3 OMFG! look at these adorable sailors
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[01 Nov 2003|11:17pm]
hey there thailor

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